Marina Coll

Rehabilita amb Montessori

College Final Project
Illustration · Packaging Design · Identity

12% of children aged 7 to 11 years old cannot keep up with the rest of their classroom peers, even though they may not have any kind of disorder or disability, neither physical nor mental. They are thus a significant portion of the student body with specific educational needs that are often not provided.
The lack of solutions to these problems causes in the short- and long-term lack of motivation, loss of confidence in oneself, and even depression. The psycho-pedagogical treatments that these children will receive must be carried out in small groups of students and with professionals specialized on this subject (speech therapists, psychologists, or educational psychologists).

With Scandinavian design as a strong referent and Montessori educational principles as a theoretical basis, PIKTÖKIT will allow specialists to carry out these specific treatments, either before or after they pose problems to the day-to-day life of these children.
The brand and graphic approach are strongly inspired by Nordic design. With a simple, minimalist, and modern layout combined with various illustrations of animals. The illustrations are full of bright colors, have sympathetic faces, and realistic shapes which both the children and their parents would love.

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